Microwave Digestion in Only 10 Minutes

Welcome to a Revolutionary Advance in Pressurized Microwave Digestion

Welcome to a revolutionary advance in pressurized microwave digestion! Fast and remarkably simple, the microwave digestion system Discover SP-D changes the laboratory paradigm for microwave digestion.

Escape the confines of traditional box-style microwave digestion systems and experience an incredible ease-of-use you’ve never had before in sample preparation.

  • Complete digests in 10 minutes, including cool down
  • Pressurized vessels with easy snap-on caps
  • Patent-pending ActiVent™ Technology automatically controls vessel pressure
  • Sample sizes up to 0.5g
  • Safest technology for microwave digestion
  • Individual method programming for each sample
  • Full pressure & temperature control for each sample
  • Compact – smaller than box-style microwave digestion systems
  • Automated sample decks available

Easiest-to-Use Vessels
CEM's ActiVent vessels are the easiest-to-use vessels available for microwave digestion. Just load your sample and snap on the cap!

No tools! No complicated vessels!

Fastest Digestions
The Discover SP-D can completely digest samples in as little as 10 minutes, including cool down time! Below are just a few of the types of samples that you can run in a Discover SP-D. No matter what you are digesting, we have an application for it!

NEW! ActiVent Technology
The patent-pending ActiVent™ Technology is what makes it possible to run real-world sample sizes in 35-mL vessels. The key to these digestions is to remove the gas produced from the digestion without allowing the volatile elements to escape. ActiVent accomplishes this by using a very sensitive pressure mechanism and innovative programming that allow the reaction vessel to vent slightly at preset pressures then reseal. Using CEM’s ActiVent Technology, full digestions of organic materials up to 0.5g can now be achieved in a 35-mL vessel that previously were only possible in a much larger vessel.

Individual Sample Control
Each sample is individually processed, with the microwave energy applied and precisely controlled by monitoring the temperature and pressure of the sample, so that each sample is digested with maximum efficiency.

Individual method programming for each sample

  • No need to batch samples! The microwave digestion system Discover SP-D gives chemists the ability to mix and match sample types.
  • More importantly, this feature allows chemists to interrupt their pre-programmed sequence for a priority sample and then resume processing the sequence at the point of interruption.

Synergy-D Software
User-friendly, intuitive Synergy-D™ software tells you at a glance the status of your reaction and provides documented run data.

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