Flow Meter DulcoFlow – Measures All Liquid Media without Any Media Contact

Flow Measurement by Means of Ultrasound for Controlled Dosing

For the Measurement of Pulsating Volumetric Flows within the Range of 0.03 ml/Stroke to 10 ml/Stroke

The flow meter DulcoFlow® reliably measures pulsating flows in the range above 0.03 ml/stroke based on the ultrasound measuring principle. The flow meter achieves maximum chemical resistance, as all wetted parts are made of PVDF and PTFE.

Your Reliable Control Unit: Unobtrusively Measures and Monitors and Detects Faults

The device works according to the ultrasound measuring principle. It was developed specifically for measuring small pulsating volumetric flows. It is installed around 30 cm downstream of the metering pump, so that there is still sufficient pulsation in the volumetric flow. All liquids that conduct ultrasound waves can be measured.

The Benefits for You

  • Maximum chemical resistance through the use of PVDF and PTFE
  • No electrical conductivity of the medium is needed
  • Measurement above stroke volumes of approx. 30 µl
  • Detection of gas bubbles in the feed chemical
  • No bottlenecks in the measuring tube. Media with small undissolved particles or with increased viscosity can be measured
  • A 0/4 – 20 mA current output and a frequency output are available for remote transmission of the measured values
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