TOC-L: Next generation of top global sellers for determining TOC (Total Organic Carbon)

Small footprint, power-saving TOC analyzers - many options and modules, standalone or PC-controlled

The predecessor TOC-V series, the world's top seller, has evolved: Shimadzu’s new TOC-L Series further simplifies TOC (total organic carbon) analysis for many applications such as wastewater, brine water, seawater, drinking water and pharmaceutical applications. The systems combine the proven combustion catalytic oxidation at 680 °C and NDIR detection method with user-friendly design.

The heart of the TOC-L instrument is the ISP (integrated sample pretreatment system), consisting of an 8-port valve and a syringe with sparging gas connection. The ISP module enables automatic dilution, tremendously useful in many applications. The measuring range for TC determination has been increased to 30,000 mg/L. Samples contaminated with high salt content can be diluted automatically.

Simplified handling of TOC samples

The new high-salt kit can handle samples where the TOC concentration does not allow dilution. This increases the lifetime of the catalyst and combustion tube while reducing maintenance time and running costs of the TOC analyzer.

TOC determination is often carried out according to the NPOC method. Via ISP, sample handling steps like acidification and sparging can take place directly in the syringe, even when an autosampler is not used. In addition, the dilution function helps to create multi-point calibration curves with one standard. For example a 10 mg/L TC standard solution is used to perform calibration points such as 2, 4, 6, 8 mg/L by automatic dilution.

A range of samplers for customer-specific TOC applications

Various autosampler types enable the automation of TOC analysis with high sample throughput according to customer needs. Hot samples can be added to the autosampler while the instrument is measuring. For simultaneous TOC and Total Nitrogen analysis, the TN-module can be added without increasing the size of the instrument footprint. For TNb determination, the measurement range is between 5 µg/L and 10,000 mg/L.

The solid sampler module completes the system to measure TOC in samples such as sediments, waste or swabs. It allows the TOC determination via difference method (TOC=TC-IC).

The analyzers are available as pc-controlled or standalone versions. The standalone models have an easy-to-read TFT color LCD screen. Results can be output in CSV format to a USB memory stick. An optional LAN port enables the output of measurement data via LAN. A PC printer can be connected via USB for a printout.

“At-a-glance” access to all information

TOC-Control L Software combines new features with easy-to-use operation. The clear layout of the sample window editor offers users “at-a-glance” access to all relevant information. The sample table can be established via simple “drag & drop” operation. In addition, the right mouse button contains many useful functions that greatly simplify operation. The use of short “Wizards“ enables even faster establishment of calibration curves and measuring methods as well as improved templates for sample tables in routine analyses.

Log-in and log-out during operation

For access-controlled instruments, it is important that the software permits the previous user to log out and the new user to log in without disturbing the current operation of the instrument. Login is controlled via access privileges issued to each user. Proven functions such as standby, control cards, validation table and export functions are included.

The TOC-L series conforms to Shimadzu’s eco-labeled designation, e.g. with a reduction of 43 % (200 V) in energy consumption compared to previous models (based on 8 hours operation/day × 5 days/week). Use of energy-saving products helps to combat global warming while also reduce running costs.

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