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New VICI Caps and Safety Caps Prevent the Evaporation of Toxic Compounds

When filling a waste bottle or waste canister, volatile organic compounds are forced out of the vessel. Because it is a waste solution, often not much care is taken and the volatile compounds pollute the air in the lab. The result can be:nausea, dizziness or drowsiness.

The new VICI Caps and Safety Caps can significantly reduce toxic compounds in the working environment, especially in combination with our Exhaust filters (see also our product presentation Exhaust filter in the product presentations).

Further, in combination with our Air inlet valves/filters VICI Caps can also improve the stability of your mobile phase. It prevents the evaporation of the more volatile compound of a solvent mixture.

Therefore the mixture maintains a stable concentration ratio!

VICI offers a wide range of caps (GL 45, GL 38, DIN50, DIN60, S51, S61, B53, B83 and GLS 80) with optional numbers of ports and various connections such as ports for 1/16", 1/8" and 1/4"OD tubing as well as barbed adapters for tubing with different IDs.

All parts of the VICI Caps and Safety Caps exposed to liquids and vapors are made of chemical resistant materials. The VICI Caps seal to the bottle with an O-ring (EPDM) which is resistant to the commonly used HPLC solvents.

If improved chemical resistance is required (e.g. for halogenated hydrocarbons) we can offer an optional FEP-coated O-ring.

VICI Safety Caps
VICI Safety Caps have stopcocks on each solvent line, so unused ports can simply be closed.

The Benefits at a Glance:

  • Improve stability of solvent mixtures
  • Prevent evaporation of volatile compounds
  • Wide range of caps
  • VICI Safety Caps with stopcocks available
  • Optional numbers of ports
  • Various connection options

The VICI Safety brochure showing our complete safety product range can be ordered or downloaded further down in the catalogue presentations.

Available now: VICI caps with S40 thread for Merck Solvent bottles.

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