Toxic Compounds in Your Lab Air?

VICI Exhaust Filter Now with Breakthrough Detector

When filling a waste bottle or waste canister, volatile organic compounds are forced out of the vessel. Because it is a waste solution, often not much care is taken and the volatile compounds pollute the air in the lab. The result can be: nausea, dizziness or drowsiness.

With this new VICI Exhaust filters toxic fumes from waste vessels can be prevented from contaminating the air in the working environment.

VICI has developed this new Exhaust Filter with an increased capacity and lifetime
and for more safety, this filter is equipped with a Breakthrough Detector. This detector recognizes trace amounts of acetone, acetonitrile, ethanol, ethyl acetate, methanol, methylene chloride and THF. When the absorbent is saturated breakthrough occurs which causes a color change in the detector from orange/pink to dark purple. After the detector itself a small charcoal filter absorbs the vapors which have broken through to ensure enough time for the filter exchange.

The Benefits at a Glance:

  • Now also available with Breakthrough DetectorPrevents pollution of ambient air with volatile compounds
    • No doubt if the filter is still working or not
    • The Exhaust Filter has only to be exchanged when the filter is saturated
    • Color change? Exchange the filter
  • Large Capacity
  • Long Lifetime
  • Universal 1/4"-28 connection
  • Fits all VICI Caps and Safety Caps
  • Adapter for competitors products available

The VICI Safety brochure showing our complete safety product range can be ordered or downloaded further down in the catalogue presentations.

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