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How Adaptable Is Your HPLC or UHPLC System?

The New KNAUER AZURA HPLC/UHPLC Systems Meet Routine Demands and Still Enable Users to Easily Adapt to Changing Requirements

AZURA Analytical UHPLC system for high resolution separations

AZURA HPLC system with high pressure gradient pump featuring 2 x 2 channel solvent selection, integrated degasser, and a high performance solvent mixer. Sensitive diode array detector with cartridge flow cell offering LightGuide total reflection technology. Easy lamp change

The AZURA Mobile Control app enables direct system control and optional data acquisition for “stand-alone” operation via Tablet or PC running Windows 8 or higher

Flexibility due to high modularity, even down to sub-modules. The three positions in an Assistant Module ASM 2.1L can be equipped with combinations of valve(s), pump(s), or one detector

A liquid chromatography system is expected to deliver reliable results every day. What if requirements change, when for example a new application needs to be developed – how well can an existing HPLC system be adapted?

The components of AZURA analytical liquid chromatography instruments are combinable and highly adaptable. A level of modularity, rarely found elsewhere, makes it possible to adapt the system to almost any application.

The eluent supply options
range from standard HPLC to extended range HPLC Plus (max. 700 bar), up to UHPLC (max. 1000 bar) with optimized flow paths for sensitive and high resolution analytical tasks. The pumps feature exchangeable pump heads and also allow different gradient and solvent selection options.

Modular to the max: A unique feature of the ASM 2.1L "Assistant" is that three modules can be easily integrated into one instrument housing. By choosing from valves, pumps or a detector, the user can add custom-designed Assistants for tasks like sample preparation or column switching.

Sensitive detectors with latest technology and a choice of flow cells, including total reflection and remote detection versions, available with different wetted materials enable optimal adaption to the detection job.

A variety of instrument control options including the well-known software packages OpenLAB® EZChrom Edition, ClarityChrom® and Chromeleon®, as well as direct control via our Mobile Control app for Windows® tablet or PC provide excellent application flexibility.

Analytical HPLC and UHPLC

  • HPLC Plus configurations for routine HPLC applications
  • UHPLC configurations to resolve complex samples


  • Low dwell volume, fast and precise gradients
  • Solvent selection: 2 x 2 channels in binary HPG or 4 channels in LPG pumps
  • Pressure sensor with integrated inline filter
  • High sensitivity detection with LightGuide total reflection flow cells
  • Easy access for lamp and flow cell

Remarkable flexibility

  • Highly modular components, down to even sub-modules
  • Different wetted-materials options
  • Choice of software control options, including ClarityChrom®, OpenLAB®, or Chromeleon®
  • Direct control via Tablet or PC using our Mobile Control app

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