Compact UV-VIS spectrophotometers: top in terms of stray light, spectral range and scan speed

Spectrophotometers UV-2600 and UV-2700 from Shimadzu for a wide variety of applications

The new, compact UV-VIS spectrophotometers UV-2600 and UV-2700 from Shimadzu, a worldwide leading manufacturer in analytical instrumentation, were specifically developed for a wide range of research tasks. Application examples range from organic and inorganic compounds, biological samples and optical materials to photovoltaics. The UV-2700 is a true double beam double monochromator system whereas the UV-2600 is the single monochromator version.

Both UV-VIS spectrophotometers underline Shimadzu’s role as the market leader in UV-VIS spec­troscopy, setting milestones in spectrophotometry tech­nology for almost 60 years. The UV-2600 and UV-2700 offer “best in class” performance in stray light, photometric range and scan speed. At just 45 x 60 cm the footprint of the instruments has been decreased by 28 % in comparison to the previous UV-2450 and UV-2550 models. Also the energy consumption was reduced by over 10 % by using state-of-the-art electronics.

Surfing different waves for highly sophisticated applications

The optical system of the UV-2700 covers a wavelength range from 185 to 900 nm and is perfect for highly sophisticated applications such as direct measure­ment of high density samples up to 8 absorbance units without dilu­tion. The high performance level is achieved with Shimadzu’s LO-RAY-LIGH® diffraction grating, based on a new holo­graphic method featuring highest efficiency and exception­ally low stray light.

Where the ultra-low stray light levels of the UV-2700 are not needed, the UV-2600 single monochromator version is available. Combined with the ISR-2600 Plus dual detector integrating sphere, it allows a measuring range up to 1400 nm giving access to the determination of optical material or expanded research of photo­voltaics.

Widest scope of accessories and new software

For both systems, a large selection of new accessories is available, such as a mercury lamp unit for validation and a single and dual de­tector integrating sphere. Together with the MPC-2600 multipurpose large-sample compartment they enable measurement of sam­ples with a wide variety of shapes. Various cell holders such as the constant temperature, the film and the powder sample cell can also be mounted, enabling a wide range of measurement possibilities.

The instrument is controlled by the new UVProbe software version 2.40. Optional software pack­ages are available for color, thickness and Tm analysis. For pharmaceutical and other applications re­quiring hardware validation, the UV-2600/2700 series provides inte­grated validation software as standard. USP, EP and JP test re­quirements are supported. The UV-2600 and UV-2700 are equipped with standard USB ports for easy data input or output.

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