Reliable Flocculant Metering with Batching and Metering Systems for Polymers

Waste Water Treatment or Water Treatment with Low Maintenance Requirements

Capacity Range of up To 18,000 l/h

The elimination of solids from liquids requires the use of liquid or powder polymers. This is achieved with polymer batching and metering systems. The experts in waste water treatment at ProMinent understand how to provide the efficient technology to implement this specialist application. For the most stringent requirements, they developed Ultromat® metering systems, which are especially easy to assemble and operate.

The Benefits for You

  • Reliable, mature technology
  • Simple commissioning
  • High level of user convenience


  • Waste water and sludge treatment
  • Paper production
  • Potable water and process water treatment
  • Treatment of sand and gravel
  • Salt water treatment
  • Ore enrichment
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