BRC – Compactor & Granulator for Pharmaceutical Production

Homogeneous Granulates in a Continuous Process Thanks to Dry Granulation

Continuous processes with dry granulation
Dry granulation often is the process of choice for high-volume or moisture-sensitive products. The BRC Granulator by Bohle is suited for continuous production and offers the possibility of integrating Process Analytical Technology (PAT).

The benefits of the BRC 25 and BRC 100 Dry Granulators

  • Minimum material loss due to precise pressing force control by means of electromechanical roller drive
  • Constant scabbing characteristics thanks to efficient gap control at high material throughput
  • Easy handling and short set-up times
  • Hygienic design with integrated washing nozzles for WIP (Washing in Place) processes
  • Flexible and careful granulation with integrated Bohle Turbo Sieve (BTS)
  • PAT integration possible
  • Free-flowing granulates with homogeneous distribution of active ingredients

The benefits in detail

In the roller compactor, powder is processed to free-flowing granulates. In contrast to classic wet granulation, no energy-intensive drying processes are needed here; this avoids high investments in systems and production rooms, resulting in lower costs per batch.

The aim of pharmaceutical production is a homogeneous distribution of all powder ingredients to prevent separation of the individual components. At the same time, the granulates must attain a defined density or porosity. These are important characteristics which have a decisive impact on the dosing accuracy of the granulates.

The powder is compacted between two rollers with gaps ranging from 1 to 6mm and discharged as scabs. The impact on the rollers, as well as the gap width are monitored sensorially and integrated into a control circuit to ensure optimum process parameters at all times.

The granulator unit below the compacting rollers processes the so-called scabs into smaller granular particles. The integrated turbo sieve (Bohle Turbo Sieve BTS 200) granulates the scabs gently even at high throughputs and can be variably designed with different sieve inserts for various particle sizes. In addition to the Bohle Turbo Sieve, integration of the Bohle Rotation Sieve (BRS) is possible as well.

Electro-mechanical dry granulators with variable gap
Especially the control of the pressing force via standard hydraulic systems constitutes a great problem, when the process is to comply with “hygienic design”. The innovative electro-mechanical approach of L.B. Bohle solves this problem. With the Bohle BRC, frequent axis adjustment as with traditional roller compactors is a thing of the past. The axes are mechanically stable so that elastic deformation is excluded. This eliminates the need for axis control! Moreover, the BRC is low maintenance. Even when cleaning is required, only four screws must be removed. With the compactors of the BRC series, L.B. Bohle offers its customers machines and processes for all stages of the granulation process – consistently in the proven Bohle quality.

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