X-Ray Microanalysis, Complete Confidence in Results

Integrated EDS, WDS and EBSD Operation

Providing superior energy resolution and light element performance, the Pathfinder X-ray Microanalysis system includes advanced electronics, the sharpest EDS resolution, and spectral-based phase mapping using Principal Component Analysis.

  • Fully integrated WDS X-ray Spectroscopy and Electron Backscatter Diffraction
  • Spectral Imaging Data Model
  • Genuine spectral-based phase mapping using Principal Component Analysis with our patented* Thermo Scientific™ COMPASS™ software
  • Ultra-fast electronics and active noise cancellation for superior spectral quality
  • Complete range EDS detectors with the largest possible solid angle
  • New solid-state Compact EDS detector with excellent EDS performance in a small footprint
  • Cleanest, brightest and most accurate element maps on SEM/TEM with Quantitative Mapping

* COMPASS - US Patent US6584413"

  • Thermo Fisher Scientific

  • energy-dispersive X-ray spectrometers

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