Pressing Technology for Sample Preparation for X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis

Ideal Preparation of Solid Samples for Precise Routine Analysis

With the VANEOX presses, FLUXANA has developed a product line that is optimally adapted to the requirements in customer laboratories. The entire line scores in terms of simple operation and high flexibility when dealing with varying sample types. 

VANEOX manual presses:


  • 15t press with a stroke of 16 mm
  • High-quality workmanship with an attractive price
  • The lever position used to exert pressure can be varied making it adaptable to the needs of the user


  • 25t press with a stroke of 16 mm
  • New design

VANEOX electrical presses:


  • 25t press with a stroke of 30 mm
  • Automatic pressing


  • 40t press with a stroke of 60 mm and is the highlight of the VANEOX presses series.
  • Touch Display
  • Electrical, three-step pressure build-up
  • High comfort
  • Simplest operation
  • Integrated drawer can be removed for easy cleaning
  • 10 different application programs can be installed

FLUXANA offers a wide range of accessories for its VANEOX presses. This includes creation of a complete application in our accredited development laboratory.

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