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Color Measurement for High Quality Products

Consistent Color with portable, bench-top and online instruments

HunterLab instruments measure the full range of human color perception. Used in production and in the laboratory for inspecting raw materials, evaluating finished product or developing methods for color analysis.

A host of measurement features and specialized sample-handling devices make them highly versatile. Because of their exceptional inter-instrument agreement and long-term stability, you can be confident that differences between measurements are due to product color changes, not instrument variability. Materials on the borderline of accepted tolerances will not be unnecessarily rejected.

Some instruments easily measure both reflected and transmitted color as well as transmission haze and all meet CIE, ASTM and USP guidelines for accurate color measurement. The ones using diffuse/8° geometry with automated specular component inclusion/exclusion are for transmission measurement. The sphere geometry virtually eliminates errors introduced by sample turbidity and haze.

Also available are online and portable instruments and individual modification.

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