Fusion Technology for X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis

Sample Preparation Method for X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis (XRF) and Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP)

FLUXANA offers its customers electrical and gas operated fusion systems. Fusion is used to achieve highest precision for analysis with XRF or ICP.

This places high demands on the sample preparation. Fusion systems are configured so that the customer can create any type of application.
Electrical Fusion Machine:


The VITRIOX® ELECTRIC is a fully automatic fusion machine with cold to cold operation for 1, 2, 4 or 6 samples; 1 sample at a time. It has been designed to achieve the best possible results in day-to-day XRF laboratory routine.


  • Safety: casting dish monitoring, flux resistant FLUXinert® ceramics and safety housing with autolock function
  • Highest precision: closed oven design with lift bottom for high temperature control; unique high speed 3D rotation
  • Comfort: autosampler handles samples automatically; oven room observation via mirror; touch display with easy to use software
  • Flexibility: modular design, ICP/AAS option; continuous operation option
  • Service: expert laboratory support; service team for international support; complete XRF solutions; wide range of calibrations
  • Special applications: volatile element anaylsis; use of quartz crucibles

Gas Fusion Machine:


The VITRIOX® GAS is a gas operated fusion machine with cold to cold automation and up to 6 positions that canoperate simultaneously. Its technology is based on many years experience in XRF fusion and analysis.

The VITRIOX GAS® offers:

  • Safety: optional platinum mould sensors, customer-specific safety housing and fume hood
  • Precision: great advantages over pressed pellets preparation and good temperature control
  • Reliability: robust design and high quality parts ensure a long product life with low maintenance
  • Comfort: touch display for the storage of multiple application settings and fusion programs; easy-to-use software
  • Flexibility: upgradeable; ICP/AAS and peroxide option
  • Service: expert laboratory support; service team for international support; complete XRF solutions

FLUXANA offers a comprehensive range of accessories for the fusion systems. This includes development of a complete application in our accredited development laboratory.

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