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Reliable determination of stable isotopes

Elemental analysers of the „cube“ series for stable isotope analysis

vario ISOTOPE cube: Stable isotope analysis and elemental analysis on the highest level. In combination with Isoprime IRMS the most versatile system for stable isotope applications.

vario ISOTOPE select: Designed to meet the special needs of continuous flow IRMS – highest sample throughput at unrivalled performance.

vario PYRO cube: Isotope analysis of H and O in solids and liquids under pyrolysis conditions of up to 1500 °C.

Good to know, that it contains what the labal say. With our dedicated systems for stable isotope analysis we examine foodstuffs to monitor its ingredients, origin and authenticity.

The mass spectrometrical measurement of isotope relations of stable isotopes 15N, 13C, 34S, 18O or 2H in connection with elemental analysis for sample decomposition and accurate concentration determination of these elements has developed to an important method for geosciences, ecology, for the investigation of origin, quality or falsification of food, forensic, medicine and environmental science.

In collaboration with Isoprime Ltd and based on the vario elemental analyser series, Elementar has introduced a new product gamma of dedicated elemental analysers for stable isotope ratio analysis of C, H, N, O and S. Our comprehensive range of inlet systems allow a broad range of sample types to be analysed to a level of precision to suit your requirements. Naturally, both Dual Inlet (DI) and Continuous Flow (CF) needs are catered for in our product line.

Elemental analysers for stable isotope analysis

  • Elemental analysers for the stable isotope analysis of C, H, N, O and S
  • Large weighing range from micro to macro samples
  • Largest dynamic range of element concentrations and element ratio
  • User-friendly design, e.g. sample feeding during operation as well as routine maintenance without tools
  • Low costs for investment and analysis
  • Resource-saving auto sleep and wake-up mode
  • 10 years lifetime guarantee on furnace

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