No Heat or Electricity Required to Make Perfect Flanges on Polymeric Tubing

The VICI Jour Easy-Flange Kit

The Easy-Flange flange-rolling tool for flanged fittings is suitable for PTFE and PTFE-like tubing with an OD between 1/16" and 1/8". The tool forms the flange by applying a mechanical force and it does not require any electrical power or heat source.

The quality of the flange is a considerable improvement over flanges made by other available methods, since the tubing is not stressed by heat and because the specially-designed negative conical profile of the flange-forming part yields the ideal shape for achieving the optimum seal.

This Easy-Flanged Kit Is Packed in a Transport Case with:

  • Flanging clamp
  • 5 different flanging discs with 0.5mm up to  1.3mm diameter pins
  • Clean-Cut tubing cutter
  • Flanger/Distance gauge
  • 1/16’’ OD PTFE tubing
  • User guide
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