Enhancing Sample Introduction in ICP Spectroscopy

Optimize Your Analysis Results with High-Quality Accessories for ICP Instruments from AHF analysentechnik

Optimize your analysis results with high-quality accessories for ICP instruments from AHF analysentechnik. The product portfolio covers most ICP instrument types and application requirements. Customized designs are offered as well. 

The methods of ICP analysis allow elemental analysis in ultra-trace concentrations. AHF offers torches, spray chambers, nebulizers, cones, etc. which enable high quality of analytic results regarding precision, sensitivity and recovery rate. 

A wide variety of probes and as well as procurement costs aspects place various demands on ICP accessories. In order to deal with this issue AHF provides various materials and designs to choose from. E.g., when samples containing fluoric acid, a sample introduction system made of inert materials is necessary. For this application, specially designed accessories, like spray chambers made of PEEK or PFA are offered. The cyclonic spray chambers made of PEEK are chemical resistant but have a better wettability than PFA. Therefore, they are highly suitable for ultra-trace analysis of samples with maximum content of 5 % fluoric acid. Due to the low spray chamber volume of 40 ml, even small sample amounts can be analyzed.

Any further questions regarding equipment for your application? Just ask the team of AHF and benefit from its long-term expertise in the field of ICP-OES and ICP-MS.

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