Switch from Ergonomically Exhausting Manual Work to the Fully Automatic Processing of Your Tubes

The X-TubeProcessor simplifies your daily laboratory work

The X-TubeProcessor®_Basic is the optimal product for users who are looking for a first level of automation at their workplace. Change from ergonomically tiring and monotonous manual work to the fully automatic processing of your tubes. The Basic X-TubeProcessor ® can be equipped with the following modules

  • for screwing and opening tubes
  • for liquid dosing
  • for labelling
  • for rack and screw cap feeding

The X-TubeProcessor product family also includes the X-TubeProcessor®_Flex, which is easily scalable in function, throughput and size. The system enables the integration and operation of further modules, such as

  • Pipetting
  • Tube feeding as bulk material
  • InProcessControl
  • Cooling of reagents
  • Barcode Identification

and can be equipped with Hepa filter and laminar flow for tube handling under sterile conditions. Overall, the Flex adapts flexibly to your needs and operational growth.  With the X-TubeProcessor product family you can handle different screw tubes, e.g.

  • Cryovials (e.g. from Micronic, LVL, Matrix)
  • Micro screw vessels (e.g. from Sarstedt)
  • decappers

  • labellers

  • fillings

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