Optimum Sample Preparation for Maldi Imaging

The Highly Developed Tissue Maldi-Sprayer M5

Now even more powerful, the Tissue MALDI-Sprayer M5 allows particularly fine, continual and reproducible coating of diverse surfaces, thanks to its patented spray technology with heatable spray nozzle.

Extremely fast processing times, improved user protection, heatable sample tray, optimised waste disposal and integrated pump control are the result of a highly developed technology. This provides enormous advantages for the user in imaging mass spectrometry.

This top model is based on the well-tried and tested characteristics of the MALDI Sprayer M3, but offers greater processing potential.

High flow rates up to 500 µl/min and the resulting very fast processing times are possible via the HPLC pump. The spray nozzle moves approx. 4 x faster so that cycles of 2 to 18 minutes per slide are possible. The casing has been completely re-designed. A drawer system makes sample loading easier. The pump control is integrated and the inline filter is easily accessed.

The fine spray mist (very small matrix droplets 1-3 micrometres) of the M5 produces the very uniform, extremely fine and reproducible matrix coating which is crucial for high-resolution imaging.

The intuitive software facilitates precise coating of surfaces in diverse ways, even the speed of the spray head can be varied. The high degree of automation allows continual work processes, minimises the risk of nozzle blockages and saves time.

More than 30 validated protocols for most matrices (e.g. SA, CHCA, DHB, DAN, 9-AA, DHA, CMBT, THAP) as well as for trypsin digestion are available.

In addition to the MALDI-Sprayer M5, a "simpler" and less expensive version, the MALDI Matrix-Sprayer M3, is also available.

The SepQuant dropletProbe, which allows the liquid extraction of analytes on surfaces and separation via HPLC prior to mass spectrometric analysis is available as a complete sample preparation system for other mass spectrometers. The patented laser sensor technology makes it a highly stable sampling system. It can also be installed in existing CTC PAL samplers.

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