RI Detectors for the Analytical, Semi-Micro and Preparative Area

Versatile & Highly Sensitive Refractive Index Detectors for Your HPLC System

The Shodex RI-500 series is a versatile and high sensitive RI detectors that can be used with various manufactures‘ HPLC systems.
It consists of an automatic start-up function, a double temperature control and a validation wizard.
The detector series are available as Analytic (RI-501), semi-micro (RI-504) and preparative (RI-502) line up.

  • The automatic start-up function controls the complicated operations such as blank substitution and baseline stabilization automatically.
  • The validation wizard enables easy component validation.
  • Improved double temperature control system shortens the required warm-up time and provides stable background.
  • The leak sensor automatically stops the pump in case of solvent leakage.
  • External input and output terminals and LAN (RJ45) communication ports can be used to connect various HPLC systems for an advanced automation.
  • Usable in UHPLC systems.
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