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HPLC Columns for Aqueous Size Exclusion Chromatography

Silica-Based SEC Columns for the Analysis of Proteins, Enzymes and Antibodies

PROTEIN KW Series – Calibration Curves for KW400 Series and KW-800 Series using Protein

PROTEIN KW Series - Recovery Rate of Proteins

PROTEIN KW Series – Comparison of KW402.5-4F and KW-802.5

PROTEIN KW Series – Proteins in human blood serum

PROTEIN KW Series – Target molecular weight range and exclusion limit


Silica-based packed HPLC-columns for aqueous size exclusion chromatography (GFC). This column series is suitable for the analysis of proteins, enzymes and antibodies.

Shodex is offering two different types of these HPLC-column series, the standard column KW-800 Series as well a high performance semi-micro version KW-400 Series.


  • PROTEIN KW-800 Series
  • Column Size 8.0 x 300 mm
  • Applicable to samples up to 1 000 000 Da
  • Usable with aqueous (buffer, salt) eluents as well organic solvents
  • KW-400 Series
  • Column Size 4.6 x 300 mm
  • Reduced particle size of the packing material enhances column performance
  • Three- to fourfold higher sensitivity than KW-800 series
  • Also applicable to samples with a molecular weight above 1 000 000 Da
  • Usable with aqueous (buffer, salt) eluents as well organic solvents

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