GLP compliant wireless measurement and data handling using Intelligent Digital Sensors

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Digital data transmission provides high measuring accuracy without signal interference


Combination of encrypted reading & metadata at the sensor ensures Data Intergrity


IDS Gate provides meter-free operation with up to 8-measurements reduces validation workload

IDS electrodes for measurement of pH, conductivity, oxygen and turbidity

The IDS System comprises IDS probes, a wireless module and an inoLab meter or the new IDS Gate.

IDS sensors are well established as reliable, precise and data safe measuring devices.

Working with probes tethered to meters at the bench can present significant work flow inefficiencies and can even become unsafe. WTW brand radio modules combine our Intelligent Digital Sensors (IDS) to provide flexible working wherever pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen and/or turbidity reading are needed to be taken.

Up to 3 sensors may communicate simultaneously with an inoLab meter or up to 8 with the new IDS Gate, the IDS Gate being able to provide GLP-compliant and secure data.

The use of a barcode reader adds further to security and efficiency savings by combining other data (user ID, sample ID) with the sensor and reading information (readings, calibration, date, time) at the point of measurement before the whole set is securely transferred to LIMS or EXCEL . A pdf/A is also available for digital long-term archiving.

  • turbidity measurement

  • dissolved oxygen measurement

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