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Paving the Way to the Future of FTIR spectroscopy - INVENIO

FTIR analysis takes the next logical step

FTIR analysis is an integral part of modern analytics and research. As established and well-proven technology, it provides valuable impulses for industry and science alike. The INVENIO offers outstanding spectroscopic performance, innovative new technologies and intelligent design. It perfectly adapts to the needs of the experienced spectroscopist and supports the user individually through intuitive workflows.
The INVENIO FTIR spectrometer is more than state-of-the-art. It sets standards.

  • Excellent signal to noise
  • Wide spectral range (FIR, MIR, NIR and VIS / UV)
  • Touch PC with tailored software for increased productivity
  • Time-resolved spectroscopy: Use Rapid Scan, Slow Scan, and Step Scan
  • MultiTect ™: allows up to seven automated and software-controlled internal detectors
  • TransitTM: parallel availability of two measuring techniques (for example ATR + transmission)
  • CenterGlowTM infrared source: optimized light flow, maximized durability
  • RockSolid™ Interferometer: reliable, proven, accurate
  • Bruker FM: MIR and FIR spectra in a single measurement
  • Anytime in-field upgradeability: Equip new accessories or enable spectral range extensions and time-resolved spectroscopy directly on-site.
  • Multiple beam inputs and outputs for extended spectral capabilities
  • Compact footprint optimized for laboratory benches and much more

Countless unique features make the INVENIO something special. This includes powerful SoC electronics, electronically coded windows with magnetic mounting, an improved QuickLock ™ mechanism, 8-pos. validation wheel and the optional 5-pos. attenuator wheel.

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