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Fast Sensory Odour Analysis Using Flash Gas Chromatography

The electronic nose HERACLES NEO

HERACLES NEO combines ultrafast flash gas chromatography (FGC) with the features of an electronic nose. It can therefore precisely determine the chemical components of a sample and, at the same time, create a precise olfactory impression. In a single test run, the system creates complete and reliable odour profiles and analyses, with odourless gases also detectable. For example, when you have found the perfect odour for a new product, HERACLES NEO can analyse and document its precise composition. As a result, there is less need for sensory panels and quality control becomes more precise.
Accurate analysis within minutes

Its technical features make the HERACLES NEO the most powerful and most flexible solution of its kind for sampling, data acquisition and processing. In addition to high sensitivity and measurement accuracy, the electronic nose from the French manufacturer Alpha MOS gives you speed and flexibility. The system consists of two parallel short columns of different polarity that work together with flame ionization detectors (FID). This setup enables analysis times averaging 15 to 120 seconds (instead of the usual 45 minutes or longer) and a sensitivity in the ppb concentration range. The parallel columns simultaneously produce two chromatograms, which further increases reliability and accuracy.

Software and data processing

The extensive software solution with the coupled database can identify more than 99,000 components and over 1,900 sensory attributes directly from a chromatogram. In addition, the functionalities of conventional gas chromatography and the electronic nose are simultaneously available for the entire data evaluation, including:

  • Radar plot
  • Factor analysis (PCA) for comparing odour profiles
  • Partial least square (PLS) for determining concentrations
  • Statistical quality control (SQC) for monitoring quality

Sampling and autosampler

HERACLES NEO can be coupled with autosamplers to automate sample incubation, generate gas headspace and inject the sample. The autosamplers, in turn, can be equipped with a wide variety of devices to extract or concentrate volatile organic compounds prior to analysis. The following sampling systems are available:

  • Solid phase microextraction (SPME)
  • Solid phase dynamic extraction (SPDE)
  • •In-tube extraction (ITEX)
  • Thermal desorption autosampler (TDAS)
  • Flow cell for dynamic online analysis
  • Measuring bell to assess the spread and longevity of scents

Flexible configurations

HERACLES NEO is available in three different configurations, HERACLES NEO 100, 200 and 300. However, this does not mean any compromises are made in terms of quality: they differ mainly in respect to accessories and software components. The electronic nose is identical in all three configurations.

HERACLES NEO 100 is the basic configuration and is particularly suitable for quick, manually performed tests, while HERACLES NEO 200 is designed for quality control and is therefore equipped with, among other things, an autosampler and software extensions specifically for processing statistical data. In addition, the system can be set up so that a straightforward signal light system indicates whether a sample is within the specified quality control range. Therefore even untrained personnel can perform fast analyses without the additional need for interpretation. HERACLES NEO 300 is the high-end configuration, offering a maximum of features and software options for particularly high dema

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