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Vacuum Gauges for Rough and Fine Vacuum with Integrated, Chemically Resistant Vacuum Sensors

VACUU·VIEW – Compact for Direct Connect at Point of Interest

VACUU·VIEW – For rough vacuum

VACUU·VIEW extended – Extended range for measuring in rough and fine vacuum

VACUU·VIEW in practical use

For the monitoring of your vacuum processes, the new vacuum gauges VACUU·VIEW® are perfect!
They are designed for harsh conditions in chemical laboratories and industry.

Performance Features

  • Compact design with integrated sensors
  • Chemically resistant, heavy duty vacuum sensors
  • High repeatability and long-term accuracy under all typical conditions
  • Illuminated display
  • Display with menu driven handling


  • Measuring range for rough vacuum: 1100-0.1 mbar
  • Chemically resistant ceramic diaphragm sensor
  • VACUU·VIEW provides gas-independent pressure indication with precise capacitive readout


  • Measuring range: 1100-0.001 mbar
  • Heavy duty combination of ceramic diaphragm sensor and ceramic jacketed Pirani sensor
  • Exceptionally wide measuring range enables the use of the gauges for processes in rough and fine vacuum

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