Oilfree Vacuum for Process Industry with Universal Chemical Resistance

Individual Pumps has been combined modular to Powerful Process Pumps

In addition to our proven chemistry diaphragm vacuum pumps VACUUBRAND has added a new VAC 24seven series, which is now available for pilot and industrial scale applications.

For applications with involving aggressive and condensable gases and vapours, it provides a clean, oil- and contamination free vacuum source. The VAC 24seven product line is a modular system. Depending on requirements, up to three pump modules can be simply and economically combined with a single control module. This module controls the speed of the high-efficiency GREEN VAC® permanent magnet motors from 0-100 % as required. This maximizes the energy savings and extends the maintenance intervals.

The chemistry diaphragm pumps can be decoupled separately for service purposes, while the application is running. For maximum uptime – 24 hours, 7 days a week – VAC 24seven.

The advantages at a glance

  • Chemically resistant
  • 100 % oil-free
  • Modular – for economical combinations
  • Energy saving
  • Precise control
  • No downtime

Chemical resistance

  • Universal chemical resistance from VACUUBRAND diaphragm pumps
  • Consistent operation from the use of fluoropolymers and perfluoroelastomers for wetted components
  • Extremely long service life through globally unique stability core design


  • Central control unit with integrated controller
  • Pump modules for 70 mbar and 5 mbar ultimate vacuum
  • Application-specific combinable – up to three pump modules

Precise control

  • The VARIO® regulation provides vacuum “on demand” as required and adjusts the motor speed
  • Incorporating highly efficient permanent magnet motors
  • More than 90 % energy saving due to speed regulation

No downtime

  • No need for a backup pump due to ability to service individual pumps during operation
  • Service intervals of up to two years
  • Maximum uptime – 24 hours, 7 days per week
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