Fragrances, adhesives, self-healing - microcapsules fulfill many tasks

Solid core-shell capsules protect the capsule content and minimize active substance losses

Would you like for your product to improve its performance by additional functionality as an active substance or additive? What is the advantage of the use of microcapsules? Do you need a competent partner for the development and contract manufacturing of microcapsules?

Areas of application of microencapsulation:

Microencapsulation covers a wide range of applications that we cannot always see at first glance in everyday life. The detergents and cleaners industry relies on encapsulated fragrance oils, which ensure a long-lasting, recurring odor experience. In technical applications of the adhesives and coatings industries, it is possible to separate reactive substances through encapsulation.  At a defined time, the reactive substances are released and start the cross-linking. Microscopic particles adhere due to their small size of fibers and surfaces. You can therefore permanently release their capsule contents to a defined environment.

Additional functionality of microcapsules:

Microcapsules range in size from 1 micron - 100 microns and consist of a liquid core in a stable polymer shell. Wall material, size and formulation of the capsule determine the strength of the capsule wall. The release of the contents can be achieved as follows.

1) Destroying the capsule shell by mechanical stress
2) slow release over a prolonged period
3) release by a suitable trigger: temperature, pH, light
4) Permanent capsule without release of the ingredient

Product development and contract manufacturing:

The development and implementation of new ideas requires process equipment and know-how, which is not always available in-house. Working with a partner who specializes in this technology has many advantages. Equipment and special analysis are immediately available and are purposefully used by experienced personnel. The launch can be done much more quickly because production already exists and the contract manufacturer processes and plants with different products are routinely operating.

Why Koehler Innovative Solutions:

Koehler Innovative Solutions is a division of the Koehler Paper Group. With more than 50 years of experience in the microencapsulation field, we are one of few providers that can offer both development and large-scale production. Continuous optimization of the production and the will to invest in new technology can be seen throughout all segments of the company.

Benefit from our experience and contact us with any questions relating to capsule production.

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