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NIR Spectrometer Suitable for Lab and Field Applications

Compact, Transportable and Easy to Set Up. Ready to Use without Time Consuming Preparation

Protected analysis setup for measurements outside

Easy to transport in a splash water protected case

Removable rolls

The compact ready-to-use Polytec spectrometer system PSS Mobility Kit is equipped with a fixed sensor head with defined working distance, a rotating accessory and an internal reference. Since the complete systems is integrated in a compact case with removable rolls it can be transported and installed fast and easily without further effort. Protection against light, wind and splash water enables operation outside a laboratory and under difficult environmental conditions. Field of application is quick inspection of goods to measure on-site in addition to or to prepare systematic process control or analyses in a lab.


  • Polychromator with holographic 3D transmission grating
  • InGaAs diode array detector, 1step TE cooling
  • Ethernet interface to connect to a PC
  • Including PSS-S-DRV standard driver

Sensor Head:

  • Combined illumination and sensor head unit for measurements in reflexion
  • Adjustable size of the measurement field
  • Automatic white balance
  • Stainless steel housing, protection class IP64


  • SL Predictor
  • Simple and easy to use software package for analyses in laboratory and production on a daily base
  • Versatile configurations
  • Two level user administration (Administrator and User)
  • Simple spectra acquistion, qualitative and quantative chemometric analysis
  • Different output formats via screen, printer or as ASCII file can be selected


  • SL Calibration Wizard
  • User-friendly software program to create and validate quantitative mulitlinear calibration models
  • Fully automated calibration development by step by step user guidance

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