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Safe Use of Hydrogen as Carrier Gas for GC

SIM Hydrogen Sensor Ensures Safe, Efficient and Economical GC Analysis

Helium is considered safe and efficient and used to be the carrier gas of choice in gas chromatography applications. As the costs for helium are permanently on the rise due to increasingly scarce resources, it is less interesting economically. Many users have reacted accordingly and are focusing on hydrogen as carrier gas.

Hydrogen is the ideal carrier gas for gas chromatography. It is as efficient as helium, but only half as viscous and thus enables quicker analysis, which is time- and cost-saving.

The only disadvantage – hydrogen is combustible. In the case of a leakage, there is the risk of an explosion in the GC oven due to a highly explosive mix of hydrogen (from 0.4% by Vol. H2) and air.

No Risk of Explosion with the Hydrogen Sensor
The SIM Hydrogen Sensor is the solution. It can be integrated into the gas chromatograph or is available with an external control unit. Constantly detecting the gas concentration in the GC oven, the Hydrogen sensor automatically switches the carrier gas over to inert gas in case of leakage. This eliminates any risk of explosion.

Hydrogen Sensor Applicable for Any GC
The Hydrogen Sensor with the control unit and carrier gas switch can be fully integrated into gas chromatographs from Agilent Technologies and Shimadzu. External control units with carrier gas switch are available for GCs by other manufacturers. These are connected to the sensor head, which can be installed in all customary GCs.

Constant Monitoring of the GC Oven
The Hydrogen Sensor is constantly monitoring the oven of the GC system. The LED colors green, yellow, and red are indicating the functionality of the sensor head, respectively an increasing hydrogen concentration. With the first red LED lighting up (0.4% by vol. H2), an acoustic signal will be transmitted; at a detected hydrogen limit of 25% LEL (equals 1% by vol. H2) the carrier gas is automatically switched to an inert gas. This ensures safety since a fourfold higher hydrogen concentration is necessary for an explosive mix.

The SIM Hydrogen Sensor guarantees safe handling of hydrogen as carrier gas:

  • Permanent detection of hydrogen in GC oven-air
  • Display of hydrogen concentration through LEDs
  • Optical and acoustic alarm when exceeding preset limits and warning levels
  • Automatic switch to inert gas when a preset limit is exceeded (1% by vol. H2)

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