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One System for Thermogravimetric and Evolved Gas Analysis

Analyzing Complex Samples Easily with the TGA-GC/MS Complete System by SIM

You require a better understanding of material composition and/or how materials decompose or what kind of gas is released while materials are being pyrolyzed? In that case, the new complete system by SIM is right for you. It combines the highest sensitivity with the high resolution of evolved gas analysis (EGA).

The TGA-GC/MS complete system can be used to analyze polymers, combustibles, biomass, natural rubber and rubber compounds, pharmaceuticals, microplastics and artworks under the following aspects:

  • Decomposition and thermal stability
  • Component identification and quantification, e.g. additives and bulking agents
  • Moisture/solvent evolution and identification
  • Reaction kinetics and modeling

The TGA-GC/MS complete system by SIM consists of the PerkinElmer TGA 8000, which is coupled to the Agilent GC/MS system through a transfer line sniffer tube. The system can measure smallest weight changes in samples, and it also offers the advantage of further and more detailed analysis of evolved gases. This allows, e.g. the identification of different phthalates in plastic materials.
If you just want to collect thermogravimetrical data, the TGA 8000 also functions without coupling to the GC/MS system.

Optimized for High Sample Throughput

The optical null ultra-microbalance is comprised of a temperature-compensated chamber with zero-compensation-principle to measure smallest changes in weight. The TGA 8000 offers a temperature range from -20 ⁰C to 1.200 ⁰C. The initial temperature for the next analysis is reached quickly due to the microfurnace with low thermal mass and efficient cooling. A high sample throughput is guaranteed.

Ideal Coupling for Highest Sensitivity and Reproducibility

The coupling to the GC/MS system is made through a transfer line sniffer tube with a gas-divert valve to prevent a condensation of decomposed products. The combination with a high performing Agilent Technologies GC/MS system makes it possible to identify and quantify all decomposed products. After the transfer from the TGA, these products are separated in the gas chromatograph and subsequently analyzed in the mass spectrometer. Depending on the application there are various mass spectrometers available (Single Quadrupole, Triple Quadrupole, and Q-TOF-MS).

Components of TGA-GC/MS Complete System by SIM

  • PerkinElmer TGA 8000 with transfer line
  • Agilent GC/MS system
  • Data system with control and evaluation software (Pyris/ Agilent MassHunter/ MS-ChemStation)
  • Accessories and consumables
  • Optional iOS Pyrislight App to control TGA 8000 with iPhone and iPad

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