High-Precision Temperature Measurement

Millikelvin Thermometers for Measurements in the Lab and on the Go

MKT 50 is a user-friendly and versatile Millikelvin Thermometer with an accuracy of up to 1.4 mK. It can be connected to up to 16 probes and provides traceable temperature measurements and calibrations for industry, calibration laboratories, and research. In combination with Platinum Resistance Thermometers (Pt 100 and Pt 25.5) it is designed for extremely precise temperature measurements. Its digital interfaces make it ideal for automatic comparison and fixed-point calibrations.

Simultaneous measurement of temperature, resistance, resistance ratios, standard deviation, and mean values of both channels are possible with MKT 50. Outstanding features such as LEMO plugs with a shielded cable for harsh industrial environments make this instrument a reliable partner for versatile use.

MKT 10 offers one sensor and comes with a convenient case. It fits in your hand luggage and can easily be taken with you everywhere you go. With its measuring accuracy of 10 mK it is ideal for use in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and biotechnological industries, both on-site and at-line. Its probe is made of stainless steel – a highly stable Pt100 sensor that comes with factory or DAkkS certificates. The sensor parameters are entered into MKT 10 according to IEC 751.

MKT 10 and the temperature probe are calibrated as a measuring chain resulting in good measurement uncertainty.  MKT 10 can be run both on batteries and Power over Ethernet – an ecologically friendly alternative.

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