Used as the Primary for Calibrating Other Reference Weights or High-Precision Analytical Balances

The Weight Portfolio Covers OIML Weights from Fifty Micrograms to Five Tons in All Accuracy Classes

METTLER TOLEDO's world leading expertise in metrology extends to weights, weight sets and weight calibration services. The weight portfolio covers OIML weights from fifty micrograms to five tons in all accuracy classes.
Our weights are used all over the world, not only for testing balances but also as primarystandards in mass laboratories.

An Extensive Weight Portfolio at Reasonable Cost

Choose from a comprehensive selection of weights and related calibration services. We offer you weights and services of the highest quality – evenfor users with limited budget. Building on many years of experience andcustomer feedback, our weight boxes and accessories have an unmatched reputation.
Profit from short recalibration times and trustworthy services with our global network of accredited mass laboratories.

Weight Calibration – the Cornerstone for Secure Testing

Accurately calibrated weights are the basis of accurate weighing results. Balances should always be checked with reference weights you can rely on and trust. At our accredited mass laboratories, we clean, calibrate, adjust and document the resultsin a calibration certificate. The calibration services cover the basic reporting of conventional mass correction, uncertainty and traceability information in accordancewith ISO/IEC 17025 requirements.

Benefits of calibrating your weights at METTLER TOLEDO:

  • The only company in the world with a global network of weight calibration laboratories
  • Network allows competence testing among own mass laboratories and with other partners in the industry
  • Global leader in manufacturing state-of-the-art mass comparators, which are used in our mass laboratories
  • All accredited mass laboratories meet or exceed ISO/IEC 17025, FDA, GMP,and requirements of nuclear industry
  • Dense network ensures short turn around time for weight recalibration

Professional CarePacs® for Smooth Routine Testing

Test your balances securely, and in accordance with USP <41>, by using justtwo weights to test at 5% and 100% of the capacity of each balance. Not onlyis this unique approach much faster, but purchasing and recalibration costs aresubstantially reduced.
CarePacs include tweezers, gloves and other accessoriesfor professional weight handling.

Weight Verification Systemfor Traceable Balance Testing

In our innovative WeightLink™ system, every test weight has a unique identification number (UIN) on the base which 'links' it to its calibration certificate. Calibration and certificate data are stored in a data matrix code (DMC). The dedicated DMC Scanner reads the two codes and sends the information to the balance. The balance firmware validates the certificateand weight data before allowing the balance test to begin.

Traceable Weights Translateinto Trustworthy Results

Traceability is defined in the International Vocabulary of Basic and General Terms inMetrology(ISO, 2008) as the "property of a measurement whereby the result can be related to a reference, through a documented unbroken chain of calibrations, each contributing to themeasurement uncertainty.“
All of METTLER TOLEDO’s calibration laboratories for weights are accredited to ISO/IEC17025 and arrange for the following to ensure traceability of calibrated weights:

  • An unbroken chain of comparisons is achieved by using primary standards which aretraceable to national and international standards, and finally to the prototype kilogram atthe International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM) in Sèvres, near Paris
  • Measurement uncertainty, assigned to each calibration, and clearly stated on the calibration certificates for weights
  • Documentation, normally a calibration certificate, showing all results including uncertainties and other information required by the standard ISO/IEC 17025
  • Competence, demonstrated by actively participating in proficiency testing in cooperationwith industry and government partners
  • All weight referencies are metrologically traceable to SI unit of mass
  • Recalibrations of primary, working and check standards at appropriate intervals, which insures their accuracy and traceability
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