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A High-Performance Compact Mass Spectrometer for the Rapid Determination of Molecular Components in Solids, Liquids and Gases

Advion's expression Compact Mass Spectrometer (CMS) Offers the Industries Widest Range of Prep-Free Sample Techniques

Multi-Mode Mass Spec:

The expression® family of compact mass spectrometers was developed with maximum versatility in mind. They allow users to switch rapidly between the many different sample introduction techniques required throughout the chemist’s workflow; from simple direct probe analysis to ultra-high-performance liquid chromatography and prep-scale purification. The system offers:

  • ESI/APCI Switching: Move easily between ESI and APCI ion sources .
  • Push-button analysis of TLC plates: The Plate ExpressTM provides a simple, automated means of obtaining mass spectra directly from TLC plates, combined with Advion’s expression compact mass spectrometer creating a technique known as TLC/CMS. Using this technique chemists can quickly and confidently identify products even in complex mixtures without additional sample preparation.
  • Direct analysis probe for solids and liquids: The Atmospheric Solids Analysis Probe (ASAP®) provides fast, simple, reliable mass analysis of solid and liquid samples without the need for sample preparation. Simply touch the probe in a liquid, or to a solid sample, and insert it directly into the ion source of the mass spectrometer yielding results in seconds.
  • Fast and easy volatile analysis: Volatile Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization (vAPCI) combined with the expression CMS is a fast and easy method to measure headspace gases and breath. The vAPCI provides a sample inlet linked by a heated transfer line to an APCI ion source, where the sample is ionized by corona discharge.
  • Simple sampling of air-sensitive compounds: The inert ASAP (iASAP) is a modification of the ASAP technique, allowing easy sampling of air-sensitive compounds, such as metal catalysts and organometallics, from reactions that are carried out in a glove box or Schlenk line to prevent oxidation.
  • UHPLC/MS and HPLC/MS configurations: Advion’s range of AVANTTM modular liquid chromatography components provides seamlessly integrated LC/CMS under the full control of Advion’s simple, intuitive Mass Express software suite. The expression CMS can also interface with all other vendors LC equipment.

One instrument, fitted with different accessories makes the expression CMS the perfect walk-up instrument for your lab.

Wide Range of Applications:

The Advion expression CMS provides solutions for a variety of applications, offering fast, easy benchtop analysis with minimal sample prep. Featured applications include:

  • Reaction Monitoring and Compound ID: The expression CMS addresses the need of organic and synthetic chemists to understand the optimal time to quench a reaction mixture, enabling the ability to obtain answers within minutes rather than hours or days without the need for complex sample preparation.
  • Academic Labs: A research-grade mass spec, the expression CMS is also ideal for teaching because of its small size, ease of use, and one-click software. When class is not in session, the system is ideal for research projects, making this a versatile choice for university labs seeking state of the art equipment paired with streamlined teaching modules.
  • Pharmaceutical: Advion’s wide range of mass spectrometry solutions provides essential pharmaceutical data quickly and easily. Utilize Advion’s mass spec solutions for efficient, cost-effective QA/QC screening of tablets, liquids, powders and more, with instant results.
  • Clinical: The expression CMS with the AVANT (U)HPLC system is optimized for clinical LC/MS assays such as Vitamin D2/D3 analysis or can be used standalone with a variety of prep-free screening techniques.
  • Food, Ingredients & Natural Products: Utilize the expressionCMS with the industry’s widest range of sample techniques for characterization, screening and purity determination.

Most laboratories require the ability to analyze a range of samples using more than one technique for more complete identification and characterization of samples. The expression CMS integrates with nearly every chemistry technique, making it an indispensable workhorse in any lab.


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