Patented Bottle for Acids – with Added Safety

Prevent Injury and Contamination with the Safebreak Bottle

We carefully examined the risks involved with acids in glass bottles, and came up with a solution that gives you all the benefits of traditional glass bottles – but with added safety: the Safebreak bottle. 

Added Safety

This unique glass bottle is coated with polyethylene (PE) to protect users in case of accidents. Should the bottle fall and break, all liquid and glass splinters are reliably contained within the PE coating. What’s more, each Safebreak bottle is fitted with our exclusive S40 screw cap, which renders the bottle absolutely airtight so that no liquid or vapor can escape.

Plus: Simplicity

Safebreak bottles are also easy to use. Thanks to their special shape, they offer optimum pouring characteristics. And they can be easily disposed of with conventional glass; the PE is burnt off during incineration without affecting the environment.

Advantages of Our PE-Coated Safebreak Bottles

  • Resistant to considerable impact force
  • Protect users from escaping acid or glass splinters
  • Prevent environmental contamination
  • Easy disposal and ecological recycling with conventional glass
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