New Withdrawal Systems for Acids & Bases

Add Safety to Your Daily Lab Work

Handling hazardous inorganic chemicals in large pack sizes? Eliminate risks with our new withdrawal systems for acids and bases. Each product is specially designed and carefully tested to ensure safe, easy and contamination-free supply. 

Create Your Personal Safety System

Our complete range allows you to design a customized withdrawal system based on your lab’s needs. Choose from drum keys for opening and closing containers, hand or foot pump balls, dispensing heads, and dip tubes for various container types and sizes.

Simplify Your Daily Lab Work 

Safety has never been so easy. Simply place your receptacle under the outlet, squeeze the pump ball, and open the valve at the outlet to safely withdraw chemicals.

Advantages of Our Withdrawal System for Acids & Bases:

  • Avoid the risk of injury or contamination
  • Create a tailor-made safety system to suit your needs
  • Use large pack sizes with utmost safety and simplicity
  • Suitable for a variety of acids and bases
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