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Easy and safe measurement of air pollutants

Portable compact unit measures hydrocarbons of 1 ppb

The measurement method brings with it the advantages in comparison to FID measuring instruments:
No consumable material – no pure gases – no zero air – no H2 gas 

The GO-Mini-ATC for Continuous Online Hydrocarbon Measurement

The already-known online hydrocarbon measurement system GO-ATC (Air Total Carbon) for hydrocarbon measurement is now supplemented with the substantially smaller, stationary or portable GO-Mini-ATC.

Due to the (patented) measuring method, no consumable materials which are harmful to health and the environment are necessary, such as, for example, the frequently used hydrogen. This guarantees safe, simple and environmentally friendly handling.

The Areas of Application of the GO Mini-ATC

  • Immission and Emissions Measurement
  • Industry, such as chemical, in particular petrochemical industry
  • Research facilities in the ultrapure gas and breathing gas sector
  • Sewage treatment for methanol monitoring
  • Hospitals for air conditioning monitoring
  • Aviation to monitor the cabin air
  • Chemical laboratories
  • Filter monitoring
  • Alternative to DIN measurement
  • Clean room monitoring

The Measuring Method of the GO-Mini-ATC

The GO-Mini-ATC is an online analysis system, whitch measures for example, the THC (total hydrocarbon) content in the air. Further gas components are also possible. The simultaneous online measurement of methane for the determination of NMHC (None Methane Hydrocarbons) value is also possible.

Unlike a conventional air measurements, the absolute value of the organically bound carbon in the gas stream is not determined, but the delta is determined from the concentrations of two gas streams. The determination of the THC value is carried out by measuring and conversion of the CO2 concentration in the gas streams.

The gas stream to be tested is divided equally between the symmetrical and parallel measurement and comparison sides. The gas streams flow in to the measurement side through a heated to 1000 °C reactor and on the comparison side by a heated to 120 °C reactor in order to avoid a deposition of water or hydrocarbons.

In two parallel analyzes, the CO2 concentration of the gas in the measuring cuvette is compared with the reference cuvette by means of the CO2 measuring cell (ULTRAMAT). On the other hand, the concentration difference of CH4 (methane) is formed between the reference cuvette and the measuring cuvette.


The measurement of further gas components are possible.
For the measurement of VOC components in water, the degassing unit GO-ATC stripper is available for volatile organic carbon. 

  • process gas analysis

  • total hydrocarbon analysis

  • online analysis

  • methane determination

  • immission measurement

  • process gas analyzers

  • total hydrocarbon analyzers

  • hydrocarbon analyzers

  • emission measurement

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