Battery Half Cells – Simultaneous and Correct Measurments

Entire Impedance Characterization of Research Type Batteries, Super Caps and Fuel Cells

Value-Oriented, Compact Potentiostat,  Galvanostat, ZRA

The Gamry Interface 5000 Potentiostat / Galvanostat / ZRA (zero-resistance-ammeter) is a compact, value oriented system designed for research and development of various energy storage and conversion devices.

Reliable Data Based on Simultaneous Measurement of Half-Cells and the Whole Cell at Exactly the Same Time

The Interface 5000 provides ± 5A in maximum to cycle small battery cells or to polarize bigger electrode areas. The maximum working electrode potential is ± 6V. The system offers impedance characterization between 10 µHz and 1 MHz with high accuracy. A unique feature compared classic potentiostats – an additonal electrometer – allows simultaneous measurement and characterization of both half cells of a battery, a super cap, or a fuel cell equipped with an embedded reference electrode along with the whole cell in the same experiment. It is not just the time savings, the data is reliable because it is measured at the exact same time and therefore at the identical state of the cells.

Additional Inputs for Complex Measurements

The Interface 5000 provides 6 current ranges and 2 gain settings offering 8 decades for high flexibility in current measurements. Using modern micro-electronics in combination with the long term experience in design of potentiostat’s  the Interface 5000 is a high power but compact and value-oriented system. Additional inputs for an analogue signal, a Pt1000 temperature  probe, and digital inputs and outputs offer possibilities for integration in complex measurements.

Eight Separately Usable Channels

The Gamry PowerHub™ can be used to combine up to eight separate individual potentiostat channels for high throughput measurements. For high flexibility the channels can be removed separately; for example for measurements in other labs or in glove boxes and therefore long cell cables leading to reduction in performance and less accuracy can be avoided.

The Interface 5000 provides, like all other Gamry potentiostats, a floating ground design, enabling measurements on grounded working electrodes or with multiple working electrodes in the same electrolyte like bipotentiostatic experiments. This is avoiding ground loops and therefore preventing interactions between the systems and the measurements. This feature also allows the combination of the potentiostat with battery test systems for high power applications, e.g. big batteries and stacks. So the potentiostat adds impedance measurement capabilities to these test systems.

Areas of Application

The system offers all kinds of electrochemical methods, besides experiments for batteries like charge, discharge, cyclic charge-discharge techniques, impedance measurements, polarization curves for fuel cells and ESR measurements for super caps, cyclovoltammetry, linear sweep voltammetry and chrono methods can be performed. Furthermore puls methods and corrosions techniques are included. A very flexible sequence wizard allows the combination of different methods and with the multichannel system the wizard gives the ability to run each channel separately, in groups, or all at once.

  • electrochemical impedance spectroscopy

  • cyclovoltammetry

  • voltammetry

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