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The Fume Cupboard for Maximum Safety at Low Operating Costs

Cost Saving and Safety in the Laboratory Using Optimal Flow Technology of Exhausts

The EXPLORIS EcoPlus® is one of the product highlights of KÖTTERMANN as a low-energy fume cupboard. A unique flow technology ensures the best possible combination of cost saving and safety in the laboratory.

Due to special air technology and construction, the KÖTTERMANN laboratory exhaust EXPLORIS EcoPlus requires a small air volume flow. An innovative product development leads to reduced operating costs: compared to standard market fume cupboards, the EcoPlus uses a recommended volumetric flow rate of 275 m³ / h per metre of exhaust width, a waste air volume reduced by about 30 percent. This saves up to € 1,000 operating costs per year.

The core of the EcoPlus fume cupboard is a unique flow technique. This helps reduce the air volume flow while meeting all safety requirements. In the robustness test to assess the performance of fume cupboards, the test gas burst of the EcoPlus was 70 percent below the limit for exhausts required by BG RCI. And this without cost-intensive air supply, thanks to the intelligent interior geometry.

Two components are to be considered with regard to the retention capacity of fume cupboards: the structural design and the required quantity of exhaust air. In the case of a fixed structural design, the fist formula applies: the greater the volume of exhaust air, the better the retention capacity, and the safer the exhaust. Thus, profitability and safety are inversely proportional to each other: greater safety is achieved by higher operating costs. The reduction of operating costs while maintaining the safety requirements can therefore only be achieved through well thought-out product design. For the KÖTTERMANN fume cupboard EXPLORIS EcoPlus the product developers have consistently implemented this requirement.

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