Multiplexer for Running Several Sensor Heads with One Spectrometer

Process Spectrometer for Multichannel Operation with 9 Sensor Heads

Polytec now offers multi-channel operation for all of its NIR and SWIR spectrometers.

The multiplexers with 2 to 9 channels allow for just as many sensor heads positioned in a process at freely selectable locations, which can be controlled with one spectrometer. Any probe type can be selected freely: distance sensor heads, contact sensors and immersion probes and evaluated individually. Thus a flexible system integration is guaranteed while the robust industrial design makes the spectrometers suitable even for rough ambient conditions.

Polytec PSS systems are diode array spectrometers with an innovative transmission grating for high sensitivity, particularly in regards to short measurement times and very low straylight. The spectral resolution achieves up to 3.2nm. The systems are available in variations for different near-infrared spectral ranges between 850nm and 2200nm. Comprehensive software for device control, data analysis, and reporting as well as for automatic real-time process control completes the portfolio. This includes interfaces for numerous commercially available chemometrics software packages.

PSS systems are useful for different areas of application including the measurement of moisture, protein, and fat content, the analysis of product yield and quality in agriculture, animal feed, and food industry, as well as in the chemical industry and plastics production.

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