Dynamic Adaption of Spectral Properties of Optical Filters

Easily Optimize Optical Filters for Your Fluorescence Application with the TuneCube

The TuneCube allows to adapt dynamically the spectral properties of optical filters or dichroic beam splitters. By turning the filters or beam splitters, you can optimize them for any fluorescence application. In combination with a compensatory optics and the latest generation of tunable filters, the reflected beam is always rectangular to the incident beam, as it is used to be with dichroic beam splitters. Due to this the TuneCube can replace multiple filter sets or generate even new ones. Owing to the versatile electronic control you can scan fast and adaptive several color-channels without changing the filter.

Your Benefits

  • Cost savings: The TuneCube replaces multiple filter sets or generates even new ones
  • Time savings: Fast tuning (<1 second) of filter and easy exchange of the filters allows fast adaption to various fluorescent dyes
  • Flexibility: The TuneCube provides multiple ways for controlling and can perform sequences within a measurement

Mode of Operation
The TuneCube is a device to expand the properties of optical filters and dichroic mirrors by using the ‘blueshifting effect’ of the filter-specific reflection and transmission spectrum. This leads to totally new possibilities using dichroic mirrors. Now it is possible to find dynamically the optimal Signal/Noise ratio and totally new spectral properties of the filters can be achieved and dynamically explored. 

Field of Application
Applications are FRET and Ca2+ Imaging as well as in spectroscopy for the measurement of variable spectra with relative illumination reference. Furthermore, it is possible to split nearby peaks or multicolor imaging microscopy.

Connection & Control
The TuneCube is appointed with two digital and two analog connections in addition to an USB-port which opens a wide range of communication possibilities. Through a controller software you can easy move the filter or program sequences.

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