Simple and safe storage of up to 30 HPLC or 5 GC columns

Using this innovative storage system enables you to safely store up to 30 columns

The numerous synthetic possibilities available to the chemist nowadays, present new challenges for the HPLC and GC chromatographie used for the purification and analysis of the synthesized products. To meet this challenge, columns for HPLC and GC are constantly being further developed. Thus, it is nowadays common to find numerous columns in a singel labroratory, with for example different stationary phases.

For space and especially for cost reasons, only a limited number of gas or (high pressure) liquid chromatographs are available in a labroratory in which the corresponding column with the desired polarity has to be pluged in before application. The change of the column can usually be carried out by trained specialists in a short time and within a few steps. The columns which are not used are often stored in the cartons in which they were delivered,  which is not a proper storage, regarding the value of a single column can easily exceed 1000 €.

With this storage system for HPLC and GC columns you protect your columns from loss or damage - with a simple and compact solution. Improper storage of analytical columns can quickly lead to poorer performance, reduced lifetime, and non-reproducible results. With the compact system described presented, you can protect your columns optimally while store them space-saving at the same time. The drawers of the boxes are lined with foam in which troughs all standard analytical and semi-prep columns can be stored. Multiple boxes can be conveniently combined to form a larger system.

The most important advantages:

  • Storage for up to 30 HPLC columns - in safe foam wells
  • stackable and thus expandable as desired - an optional stacking accessory allows the storage of additional columns
  • or HPLC columns up to 30 cm long - also suitable for 5 cm, 12.5 cm, 15 cm and 25 cm, suitable for all types of end fittings
  • Robust and solid case made of 100% steel with chrome-plated drawer handles
  • Capacity: up to 30 HPLC columns in 5 drawers
  • Dimensions: (W x H x D): 279 x 325 x 408 mm
  • Weight: loaded 12 kg, empty 10.5 kg

If you have any further questions regarding the storage system, please do not hesitate to contact our product experts via phone or email.

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