ERAFLASH Flash Point Tester

Unmatched Performance with Maximum Safety

With the ERAFLASH Flash Point Tester you can easily determine the flashpoint of your sample. The aim of the measurement is to determine at what temperature the vapor is flammable. The flash point is the lowest liquid temperature at which a test flame causes sample vapors to ignite.

Safe and easy Measurement

With ERAFLASH flash point testing was never safer and easier - ERAFLASH uses the innovative CCCFP – Continuously Closed Cup Flash Point Method ASTM D6450, D7094 and IP620 with only 1-2 mL of sample volume. Due to the closed chamber during the whole measurement process the measurement is intrinsically safe with no open flame.
An ASTM round robin test showed no statistical bias of ASTM D7094 to ASTM D93 (Pensky Martens, EN ISO 2719)
There are further correlation methods for ISO-Standards ISO 13736, EN ISO 3679, EN ISO 3680.

All-time performance

The eralytics patented PBT – Peltier Boost TechnologyTM allows fastest heating and cooling rates. With only one single device this innovative technology supports an unprecedented  temperature range and allows significantly shorter turnaround times than all other flash point testers on the market.

Small Sample Volume - many Industries

Depending in what industry you are in with ERAFLASH you can measure a high number of different sample types from fuels, lube oils, paints, varnishes, solvents and many more. Due to its small sample volume it is also ideal for more expensive samples like flavors & fragrances or cosmetics.

Three Models for every need

For the Standard model  ERAFLASH and ERAFLASH S10 a High Temperature Extension is available. For pure chemicals and very low temperatures  ERAFLASH LT - Low Temperature Model  is the right solution. ERAFLASH S10 offers safest measurement with a 10-position autosampler.

Cooling Lid for ERAFLASH S10

The latest innovation for the ERAFLASH S10 is a new Cooling lid. This Cooling lid will further slowdown the evaporation process while ensuring unaltered samples from charging the auto sampler to the actual measurement.
In combination with its unrivaled temperature range of -25 to 420 °C (-13 to 788 °F) ERAFLASH is a very cost-efficient tool for the flavors and fragrances industry all the way to big used oil testing facilities.
Altogether eralytics offers the perfect match for every customer requirement.

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