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From Low-Light Fluorescence to Demanding Raman Spectroscopy, It's Your Ideal Miniature Spectrometer

Fast compact spectrometer HERO with replaceable slit for high resolution and sensitivity

Avantes' latest high-end spectrometer, the AvaSpec-HERO, now uses a high-sensitivity back-thinned detector. This compact spectrometer gives you the ideal balance between sensitivity and resolution. It is ideally suitable even for longer integration times in low light applications.

The AvaSpec HERO spectrometer is standardized for replaceable slits and provides optimal flexibility for a variety of demanding applications. The combination of all these features makes the AvaSpec HERO the ideal companion for all spectroscopic measurements:

  • 200 - 1160 nm wavelength range
  • High numerical aperture NA = 0.13
  • Cooled back-thinned detector with 1024 x 58 pixels
  • Low noise S/N: 1000:1
  • Replaceable slit (10, 25, 50, 100, 200 μm)
  • USB3 and Ethernet interface

With its high sensitivity, compact optical bench (f = 100mm, NA = 0.13) and 1024x58 back-thinned CCD detector, this spectrometer offers the best of both worlds in a single miniature device: sensitivity and resolution!

Together with our latest AS-7010 electronics, including high-end AD converters, noise is kept to a minimum, providing an excellent signal-to-noise ratio and a high dynamic range. A wide choice of grids and columns offers the flexibility to configure the instrument for a wide range of applications in the range of 200-1160 nm. From low-light fluorescence to demanding Raman applications, the AvaSpec-HERO is your ideal companion. Thanks to the high-speed USB3.0 and Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, connecting it to your computer is quick and easy. Of course, the digital IO ports allow external triggering.

AvaRaman: the Raman spectroscopy bundles and systems from Avantes

AvaRaman bundles and systems are especially suited for high-sensitive and fast measurements from powders, fluids and much more. Avantes joins forces with 2 partners to offer you 3 different convenient Raman Bundles, consisting of a great spectrometer (3 different models), a unique Laser-Probe combination (785nm) supplying enhanced signals and an outstanding Software package to analyze the Raman spectra.

Avantes uses its high-sensitivity AvaSpec spectrometers in combination with a wide variety of lasers (including 532 and 785 nm) to give you the best result for your Raman measurements. The spectrometers are appropriately configured according to the wavelength of the laser.

The advantages of Avantes spectrometers for your Raman application:

  • High temp Raman probes
  • Peltier cooling in combination with replaceable slit
  • New AvaSpec HERO is very important for S/N
  • Laser probe combination relationship critical as you sell a raman system

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