Recirculating Chillers by JULABO: Environment-Friendly and Economic

Cooling capacities from 0.3 kW up to 20 kW

With the FL line JULABO presents a generation of chillers for routine cooling applications in laboratories and industry. More than 20 models with cooling capacities from 0.3 kW up to 20 kW and numerous features offer the ideal solution for any application. The working temperature range covers –20 °C to +40 °C at a temperature stability of ±0.5 °C.

Four different pump types with flow rates of up to 60 l/min respectively and 6 bar pressure will meet any requirement. All units have an LED temperature display integrated into a splash water proof keypad for easy cleaning. An RS232 interface as well as an analog alarm output are located on the front panel and the lift-up cover placed on the top gives easy access to the filling port. An additional hinged tray serves as a compartment for the operating manual and other documents. The removable venting grid allows for easy cleaning of the condenser.

All models include an easily visible level indicator. Models with a pump pressure of more than 1 bar additionally have a pressure gauge and feature a bypass to adjust the pump capacity. Venting slots are exclusively located on the front and back and allow placing the units directly next to each other.

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