MYTOS & TWISTER: In-process Particle Size Analysis applying Laser Diffraction

Dry Powder Dispersion and Representative Sampling

Over the past decades, laser diffraction has become the dominating principle in particle sizing. Initially, off-line instruments have been adapted to process pipes with sampler couplers. Today, MYTOS combines the core technology of the well established Sympatec HELOS laser diffraction sensor and the unrivalled RODOS dry disperser in a rugged, industrial design. This unique and well-proven laser diffraction unit is available for in-line process control for dry powders from 0.25 to 3,500 µm. Combining MYTOS and the innovative in-line sampler TWISTER ensures representative results. But combinations with existing samplers and the at-line application with dry powder feeder VIBRI are also valid options.

For granules or very fragile particles MYTIS is the first choice. MYTIS combines the HELOS technology and the gravity disperser GRADIS in a single robust instrument covering a size range from 0.5 to 3,500 µm.

In order to achieve a reliable in- & on-line particle size analysis a continuous and representative sampling is a prerequisite. Since most process stages are connected by pipes, the TWISTER sampler – and also the disperser and analyser MYTOS – should ideally be integrated into the process pipe so that only information about the particle size distribution leaves the pipe. Representative sampling with a static probe can only succeed by chance – taking material from a single position in the pipe. Instead, the TWISTER sampler scans the entire pipe cross-section and feeds the representative sample continuously to the subsequent MYTOS laser diffraction analyser.

Adapted to the process, the MYTOS laser diffraction and dispersing system operates fully independent of the conditions in the process pipe. The TWISTER & MYTOS set-up allows for reference measurements prior to every single normal measurement. In combination with a fully automatic alignment of the laser diffraction system MYTOS is always in a perfectly clean and aligned condition – ready to measure.

MYTOS and MYTIS cover a unique particle size range from 0.25 to 3,500 microns and are applied to a stunning variety of products from cement to pharmaceuticals as well as from harsh and dirty environments to GMP areas. Either system may be specified for installations in ATEX rated zones, if required.

Innovative Superior Performance

MYTOS, MYTIS and TWISTER bundle innovative technologies for superior performance:

  • Representative TWISTER sampling in or out of process pipes in the diameter range of 38 to 660 mm and for a product temperature range up to 150°C.
  • Powerful, proven and unique dry powder sample preparation, ensuring complete dispersion for fine and cohesive powders down to the submicron range (MYTOS) as well as gentle dispersion for granulates up to the high millimetre range (MYTIS)
  • Real time laser diffraction particle size analysis of perfectly dispersed powders with up to 2,000 measurements per second.
  • Comparability to established Sympatec HELOS & RODOS lab technology applying the same core components, which allows for a valid transfer of established analytical methods.

The WINDOX software package provides calculation and display of all relevant size characteristics. Adaptation to process control systems with TCP/IP, Profibus, Modbus, digital or analogue PLC signals is a standard.

MYTOS and MYTIS are fully compliant with FDA requirements and 21 CFR Rule 11.

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