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High Pressure Reactors, Parallel Reactors and Multi Reaction Systems in All Variations

Chemical Reactors. Pressure Vessels & Calorimeters by Parr

Parr Instrument laboratory reactors from 25 milliliter to 20 liter for moderate up to high pressure ranges. Made of stainless steel or ten other corrosion resistant special alloys, glass or PTFE liners available.

For research and development under elevated pressure and temperature such as heterogeneous and homogeneous catalysis, high pressure polymerisation, hydro metallurgy, ionic liquids, macromolecular chemistry etc.

Highly suitable as testing autoclaves for aging tests or the influence of temperature, pressure or chemicals on materials.
Single reactors or multiple and parallel reaction systems for high throughput testing.

Continuous flow tubular reactor systems, special reactors and custom built reactors according your applications and specifications. Low pressure glass reactors (interchangeable to metal cylinders). For all these systems Parr offers a full line of controllers to monitor, control, datalog and archive various parameters.

Parr Instrument Company has developed a fine reputation among chemists and scientists throughout the world as a dependable supplier of top quality laboratory equipment.

Parr Instrument = Stirred reactors and pressure vessels, calorimeters and sample preparation systems.

Parr Instrument (Deutschland) GmbH
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