NO TIME TO FAIL? – Use Certified Reference Materials to Validate Your Spectrometer

The Top 3 Advantages

DAkkS accredited - for trusted performance


Conformity to Pharmacopoeia


Traceability to NIST and PTB standards

Check your CRMs for conformity to the latest Pharm. Eur. (EP10) and contact us for free guidance

Hellma Analytics reference materials for UV/Vis spectrophotometry meet most internationally recognized standards and provide the foundation for safe and reliable measurement.

Choose from an extensive range of glass or liquid filters and filter sets for a comprehensive check of your spectrometer.

The latest version of the European Pharmacopoeia was valid from January 2020. The relevant chapter, (Absorption spectrophotometry Ultraviolet and Visible) has undergone fundamental change. EP 10-compliant validation of your spectrometer now depends on the intended application and the absorbance and wavelength range to be used.

This means that existing filters or sets can now only partially meet the requirements. In general these will need to be supplemented with others from an extended range of acceptable filters.

Contact us – we are always happy to offer free guidance based on your specific needs for applications being run on your spectrometer.

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