Research-Grade Raman Results Without the Learning Curve

Convert Information into Insights

Users can change DXR2 family lasers, filters, and gratings in just moments to adjust to any sampling situation.

Auto-alignment and calibration ensures scientifically accurate measurements, without tools or manual procedures.

Three-path fine beam auto-alignment maintains peak performance and sampling integrity.

Laser power regulation to compensate for natural laser power fluctuations ensuring consistent sample excitation


  • Pharmaceuticals – High speed polymorph screening and recrystallization studies
  • Polymers – Depth profiling to identify sub-surface inclusions without sample preparation
  • Gemstones/Geology/Minerals – Rapid non-destructive identification of inclusions
  • Carbon Nanomaterials – Determination of graphene layer thickness and relative tube diameter populations
  • Interdisciplinary Academic Labs – A short learning curve allowing anyone to generate expert results with ease

The Thermo Scientific™ DXR2 Raman product line represents a culmination of experience in molecular spectroscopy, catering to applications in academic research, materials science, and analytical problem solving.

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