Optical Microscope with Integrated FT-IR – Nicolet iN10

Visual and Chemical Analysis – High-Quality Data on Even the Smallest Samples

The Nicolet iN10 FT-IR microscope, empowered by Thermo Scientific™ OMNIC™ Picta™ software, simplifies infrared microscopy spectroscopy, enabling chemists in analytical and investigative chemistry laboratories to take full advantage of the technique’s power. The Nicolet iN10 is an intuitive, integrated infrared microscope that provides the simplicity of an FT-IR spectrometer with the ability to measure samples down to a few microns. Equipped with tools to streamline the infrared microanalysis workflow, the Nicolet iN10 microscope provides answers with the degree of confidence required by modern analytical laboratories. The efficient optical design of the integrated Nicolet iN10 microscope and a novel approach to instrument operation provides users of all skill levels greater access to the valuable technique.

The Nicolet iN10 FT-IR microscope system is highly automated and incorporates technology to facilitate loading, locating and measuring the sample. While simple to use, OMNIC Picta software provides powerful analysis functionality that extracts comprehensive chemical and physical insights from the data. This allows the user to get from sample to answer quickly, simply, and with confidence.

The system is equipped with a room temperature detector, eliminating the time, hazards and expense associated with liquid nitrogen cooling. In combination with the highly efficient Slide-on ATR sampling device, this detector makes the Nicolet iN10 FT-IR microscope as quick and easy to use as an infrared bench. The Nicolet iN10 MX imaging system offers chemical imaging while providing the speed, sensitivity and resolution of traditional infrared microscopy.


  • Industrial
  • Quality Control & Analytical Services
  • Tasks: Contaminant Identification, Failure Analysis, Competitive Analysis, Process Support
  • Investigation of materials:  Polymers, Paints, Packaging, Microelectronics, Inks & Pigments, Fibers, Pharmaceuticals, Rubbers,  Cosmetics
  • Forensic Science
  • Illicit drugs, hair, fibers, fraudulent document analysis (inks on paper), paint
  • Material Science
  • Academic Research
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