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Purer than pure: Make your ultra pure acids yourself – for trace analyses you can trust

Sub-boiling systems for distillation and evaporation save up to 90% of trace analysis costs

Sub-boiling systems to purify solvents and clean vessels ✓ Produce ultra pure solvents for ultra-trace analysis simply and cost-effectively ✓ Distillation and evaporation ✓...


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200 °C in 15 min, and cooled down again even faster – that’s state-of-the-art microwave digestion

Prepare samples for elemental analysis quickly and safely

Microwave system ✓ Digestion at up to 1600 watts✓ Pressure and temperature monitoring✓ High user and sample protection in case of overpressure✓...


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Microwave synthesis in a high pressure system: Fast heating, fast cooling and always well stirred

How to avoid unwanted by-products in your chemical synthesis

Microwave high pressure system ✓ Quick heating up ✓ Synthesis at up to 190 bar and 300 °C ✓ Permanent pressure and temperature control ✓...


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This rotor monitors the temperature of each vessel – directly and contactless, using IR

Full control of microwave digestions from 30 - 310 °C makes overheated samples a thing of the past

Rotors with temperature control ✓ Contactless measurement directly in the sample vessel ✓ Controlled conditions in the microwave system ✓...


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