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New dimension in water determination according to Karl Fischer to analyse a wide range of samples

Simplify your laboratory workflows for KF titration with the headspace oven

All sample types determinable - especially for difficult substances ✓ Efficient & fast sample preparation ✓ Semi-automatic or fully automatic water determination ✓...


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OxiTop-IDS: Respiration and Digestion Tests Made Easy

Far beyond the classical BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand), the system allows to perform a multitude of respiration tests.

The new OxiTop®-IDS measuring heads can be used to perform a multitude of respirometric degradation tests. Besides simple BOD measurements, these include degradation tests according to OECD, soil respiration tests and anaerobic processes, e.g. in biogas production, with a duration of up to 180 days....


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GLP compliant wireless measurement and data handling using Intelligent Digital Sensors

IDS electrodes for measurement of pH, conductivity, oxygen and turbidity

Whenever measuring in confined spaces or keeping the instrument away is a must: Start and save your measuring directly at the sensor!...


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Data Logger EBI 12: Process monitoring, routine control and validation easy and safe

Highly accurate temperature, pressure, humidity and conductivity data loggers for thermal process control

Data Loggers from the EBI 12 series can be used for routine controls in critical areas such as medicine, pharmacy and food production....


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TitroLine 5000: The easiest titration ever...

The entry into the automated titration



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